Nhlanhla Nciza Supports Zodwa Wabantu’s Egg Business

star, Nhlanhla Nciza supports Zodwa Wabantu’s egg business.

If you haven’t heard, has been doing new business to make money on the side. A little while back, she announced that she had begun her own egg business. Virtually everyone who has admired her has shown their support. Well, maybe not everyone.

It honestly is amazing seeing women supporting each other. That’s the case with Zodwa’s new business. A recent video shared by star, Nhlanhla Nciza sees her supporting the reality star by purchasing 6 crates of her eggs. Now, that’s really nice. A very excited Wabantu showers praises on the “Ngeke Balunge” star in another video shared to her own page.

She calls Nciza a legend, and reveals how much of a fan she is of her music. The popular dancer has seen some success with her business, and hopes to supply eggs to supermarkets as her business booms.

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