Nick Cannon And Eminem Are Not Done With Their Beef

The Beef going on between and does not seem to be anywhere near conclusive anytime soon as Nick Cannon releases a 7-track mixtape just to take shots at Eminem.

The rapper and radio personality released his mixtape to get a lot of things off his chest. The mixtape titled “Miseducation of the Negro You Love to Hate’ which was released on Monday the 13th of January 2020 saw Nick Canon  say he used to look up to in his words “Used to look up to you Slim Shady.”

further dragged his fans into it saying “Ni**as out here tweeting like they been a savage / Dick riding on Marshall Mathers,” he raps on the auto-tuned track. “Had to put on my turban like I’m Aladdin / Ni**as out here cappin’, black lives matter.”

who used to see as his legend used his newly released mixtape to voice his feelings on so many matter, and says he retracts all the respect he has for Slim Shady and the beef is not ending anytime soon.

A Beef is on in the industry and Eminem might be giving his reply on the diss record soon.

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