Nick Cannon On How He Chooses Which Partner to Spend Time With

If you are curious how Nick Cannon manages his “harem” and spends time with each partner, you are in luck, as the media personality, who recently welcomed his 12th child, has just given insights into that.

Speaking during a sit-down with the Los Angeles Times, Cannon described himself as a creature of habit and most inclined to be with those who like him. So, he is most likely to spend time with those who have reached out to him than with those who are deliberately aloof.

He also admitted that his partners are pretty much busy with their own lives and not interested in sexual relations with him.

His words elicited mixed reactions online, with some tweeps praising him for his candour and some criticising him for having “too many children” with multiple partners. Nick Cannon is indeed a “free shooter.” Although he had spoken about controlling his viral baby-making, it appears he has not been able to do that just yet.

This inability has made him the subject of sporadic jokes online. from the look of things, though, the jokes have not hit home yet, and the rapper and media personality is still having the best time doing what makes him happy.

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