Nick Cannon Responds To Orlando Brown’s Alleged Oral Sex

Nick Cannon has finally made comments about the viral selfie video that showed Orlando Brown talking about an alleged sexual experience between them.

American rapper and show host Nick cannon has finally broken his silence about accusation levied against him by The So Raven artist Orlando Brown about them having an oral sexual experience.

The video by the “So Raven” alum was posted online on Wednesday the 22nd of January 2020. Orlando claimed he allowed Nick Cannon to have oral sex with him repeatedly and affirmed Nick Cannon enjoyed every bit of it.

He then added that everybody knows Nick did it as a female. While he didn’t mention Nick’s last name he hinted it was Nick Cannon when he said at the end of the video “You don’t want me on Wild “N” Out.”

Nick Cannon then made a lengthy post which he took to his social media page with a screenshot that pointed directly to the report on iHeartRADIO. Nick Cannon feels he said what he said to seek attention so that he could get invited to the popular Wild “N” Out show. He also feels Orlando Brown is mentally ill and needs psychiatric attention.  

This isn’t the first time Orlando Brown is alleging someone had sexual affairs with him. long-ago, he said that he and his ex co-star, Raven-Symoné had sexual interactions as well.

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