Nick Cannon Roasted Over “Colourist Competition”

Will there ever be an end to the controversies surrounding American media personality Nick Cannon? The bod has is currently facing serious criticisms over his setting up a colourist competition.

Nick joined forces with the Zeus network for what is called the  “Bad vs. Wild Las Vegas.” The competition pits women of lighter and darker hue agsisnt each other.

Almost as soon as details of the competition made it to the public space, many netizens erupted in criticisms of bick Cannon, with some of them not only accusing him of colourism but also pointing out what they call the disconnect between his public rhetoric and the competition itself.

This is one rare moment when the sporadic criticisms of the media personality does no have anything to do with his coital choices and relationships, as well as the ever growing number of children he has sired with multiple women.

Anyway, Nick Cannon has not disavowed the show and his collaboration with Zeus despite the criticisms, so it appears he would not be stopped in his initiative despite the public condembations it has elicited so far.

How the show continues and which side eventually emerges victorious is entirely let to time. Stay tuned.

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