Nick Cannon To Set Sue Viacomcbs For $1.5 Billion Over ‘Wild ‘N Out’

Nick Cannon reveals plans to sue Viacomcbs for $1.5billion over 'Wild 'N Out'

Nick Cannon announces plans to sue Viacomcbs for $1.5billion over ‘Wild ‘N Out’.

Ever since Nick Cannon was fired from his show “Wild ‘N Out” by Viacomcbs over anti-semitic comments, he has been demanding the rights to the show. According to reports, the popular show was created with his idea and original thought which is why he’s asking for its rights.

New reports by The Shade Room reveal that he’s taking things up a notch by dragging the company to court and is suing for $1.5billion. It is revealed that that is the show’s estimated worth. According to the outlet, Cannon’s team stated that since the show is based on his idea, it belongs to him.

Cannon’s team also revealed that the show has “brought in billions of dollars in revenue to Viacom since 2015“. They also believe that he “deserves and has earned everything it is worth”.

The drama began after the media star was fired by the company from the show following the backlash he received over anti-semitic comments made during his podcast “Cannon’s Class”. The comments were said to have perpetrated harmful stereotypes to Jewish people.

Later on, Nick issued an apology which many believed he shouldn’t have done.

Also in a statement to TSR, Cannon’s team said Viacom should pay Nick what he is owed if the company “believes in growth, equality and education”. 

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