Nick Cannon’s 6 Different Christmas Shoots Provoke Mixed Reactions – Watch

American media personality Nick Cannon had the attention of the world again – seemingly for good this time. Nick was determined this Christmas should be special, so he made the effort.

In pictures currently making the rounds online, it could be seen that Nick had about six photo shoots. He took photos with his baby mamas except Maria Carey with whom he had twins.

Netizens were pleased and amused at the same time with how he was able to be present in their lives on the same day.

Not everyone appeared impressed, tough. Some netizens mocked Nick and his photo shoot as nothing more than a circus while also noting that was the reason Mariah Carey decided to stay away from it. You can check out the post below.

Well, whether people agree with Nick Cannon might not be as important as him spending time with his family and making everyone feel special, even if momentarily.

Also, it was not as if he had fallen into the pit of his usual indiscretionand had another pregnancy to announce. It was a time for him to bond with people that are part of his life. It is up to the public whatever the public thinks or says about him.

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