Nicki Minaj And Doja Cat Achieves First-ever #1 Spot On Billboard With “Say So” Remix

Nicki Minaj and ’s ‘Say So’ remix has earned the number one spot on Hot 100, taking over the spot from ’s remix with Beyonce ‘Savage.’

Nicki Minaj and ’s remix leaped from their number six spot with ‘Savage’ earning the number 2 spot. Nicki Minaj and Beyonce are credited for driving the majority of the chart activity through their remixes.

Nicki Minaj and are celebrating their new feat as their single finally claims the number one spot on Hot 100.

According to Billboard, the ‘Super Bass’ hitmaker currently holds the record for the longest wait for a number one. This is with her remix claiming the 109th song on the charts and crushing Justin Bieber’s 47-song wait.

The hit song ‘Say So’ has a journey from ’s album titled ‘Hot Pink.’ It also has a history from the viral TikTok dance trend. Now, it has found its way to Billboard number one!

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