Nicki Minaj Recalls Encounter With Store Cashier Who Mistook Her For Trina

Identity confusion happens again and again, not just to celebs but to ordinary people too. It just so happens that it gets the most traction when it happens to celebs. Nicki Minaj has just had her share of that, and she wasn’t slow talking about it on social media.

In a recent post on social media, the “Bang Bang” rapper recalled a time she popped into a store, and a semblance of a little drama played out between her and the salesperson who misidentified her as another singer, Trina.

The man at the cash register was giving her looks of familiarity. He leaned in and told Nicki Minaj that he’s been listening to her all day. He then pointed out that his favourite of her tracks was the one with Tricky Daddy.

Things became apparent, then. He was most likely speaking about Trina and not Nicki Minaj. He’d misidentified one for the other. The clip of Nicki Minaj speaking about the encounter amused several social media users.

Interestingly, the “Do We Have A Problem” ace does not exactly look like Trina. The resemblance isn’t really close. So what was the salesperson really seeing on that day? We may never know.

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