Nicki Minaj Says Beyoncé and Rihanna Are Music Icons

Famous rap star Nicki Minaj praises her colleagues Beyoncé and Rihanna, calling them icons in the music industry.

Nicki Minaj has recently been dominating every space. The famous emcee was announced as the guest on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live.” She joined the show’s host, Andy Cohen, for the classic “Plead the Fifth” game.

He asked Nicki who she thinks is running pop right now, and the reigning Queen of Rap did not have a straightforward answer. However, she shared a few names of female musicians she admires in the industry.

After taking some time, Nicki said, “Um, I don’t know. The people that are in the industry now, like, they’ve already put in their work. So, they’re queens in their own right.”

“There are two women that I have looked up to in the music industry since I’ve come to it differently. Just because of who they are where I’m from, and who I am. Of course, Bey and Ri [Beyonce and Rihanna] .”

Nicki recently dropped her highly anticipated album “Pink Friday 2” and announced her forthcoming tour. She trended following her reaction to signing off on the Kanye West collab, saying that “that ship has sailed.” Of course, Ye did not take it well.

Nicki Minaj Plays Plead the Fifth | WWHL

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