Nicki Minaj Sends Lovely Shout Out To Dj Cuppy, Reveals She’s Coming To Nigeria Soon

Nicki Minaj sends shout out to DJ Cuppy and reveals she will come to Nigeria soon.

It’s definitely a huge deal if American rapper, Nicki Minaj sends you a shout out and you have no idea about it.

Nigerian disc jockey, DJ Cuppy had the shock of her life recently when a fan sent her a recording of Nicki Minaj sending her a shout out in a live Instagram session. The rapper also revealed she is working on coming to Nigeria soon.

Totally excited, Cuppy took to her story to announce it writing “OMG @nickiminaj shouted me out on her Live! (and she said she’s currently working on coming to Nigeria) currently dying. People don’t realize how much of a Nicki fan I am.. Were best friends, she doesn’t know it yet.Lol”

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