Nicola Coughlan Stands Out In 22-Karat Gold Corset For Bridgerton

When it comes to standing out, one has to admit that some people actually know how – Nicola Coughlan, for instance.

She wore a custom-designed 22-karat gold corset for the press event for “Bridgerton,” a Netflix series in which she played the role of Penelope Featherington.

Well, it turned out that the effort that went into creating that design for the occasion was not in vain. The actress stood out from the pack and became the talk of the town, with several platforms carrying news of her appearance at the event.

Her 22-karat gold corset was reportedly designed by Suhani Parekh at MISHO’s studio in Mumbai, India. The whole effort took about a month. In the end, it was worth it as the actress was not just another figure at the press event but one who had the attention of almost everyone because of her outfit.

Now, that’s one big boost for an actress who, although not at the bottom of her career, can still do with some positive publicity. You can check out the post below.

For the actress, it is the end of an era of glamour. Fans may as well look forward to the next as she shows her artistic and creative sides again.

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