#NigerianIdol: David Operah Evicted, Zadok and Itohan Woo Viewers

The reality show Nigerian idol is trending right now, with viewers and fans unable to agree on the decision to evict David Operah. 

According to one aggrieved fan, who felt that David should not have been evicted, a good voice and outstanding performance can’t win one anything on the show except the sentiment of Nigerians. They think he’s way better than those who weren’t axed, including Banty and Jordan. 

The other contestant, Itohan, wasn’t an object of much criticism, however. In fact, most viewers thought she was outstanding. Her performance of Yemi Alade’s “Nagode” had many fans screaming approval. 

Another contestant who viewers thought did a fine job on the Nigerian Idols stage is Zadok. They thought he came prepared and ultimately put up a performance worth checking out. He performed Kizz Daniel’s song “Laye.”

Last night’s performance was a mixed bag in a sense. While most viewers agreed that the contestants put on fine performances, most still insisted that an overriding problem with most performers last night was wrong song choices.

Anyway, for the contestants who weren’t eliminated, still being on the show is what counts. At least there’s still a chance for a shot at success on the reality show.

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