Nkosazana Daughter Buys New VW Taigo

Nkosazana Daughter – Uthingo Le Nkosazana Album Review

Nkosazana Daughter shows off the brand new VW Taigo she just bought on Instagram.

If we made a list of some of the year’s most successful artists, Nkosazana Daughter would certainly be somewhere at the top. The famous singer and songwriter has contributed to many hit songs and even recently dropped her debut album, “Uthingo Le Nkosazana.”

While amassing so much success on the scene, it is only fair if you would treat yourself to something pricey. The “In Love With A Foreigner” star recently took to her Instagram page and showed off a brand new whip she just acquired.

She bought the Volks Wagen Taigo. Fans and fellow celebs also commented their congrats to the singer. Nkosazana Daughter now joins the list of artists who have gifted themselves something new this year. The list includes Boity, who spoke about buying a new car, Busta 929, who bought himself a house, etc.