No Breakthrough, No Arrests In AKA Assassination, Say KZN Police

In a move that will likely put AKA fans, collectively known as the Megacy, on edge. The KwaZulu-Natal police have revealed that there was actually no update on the assassination of South African rapper AKA.

The songster had been gunned down on February 10 just outside Wish restaurant on Florida Road in Durban. He was in the company of some of his associates at the time, including his former manager, Tebello “Tibz” Motsoane, who was killed with him.

Just recently 0- read as a day ago – IOL had reported that the police have made progress on the case and have arrested three persons in connection to the rapper’s assassination.

The revelation pleased many South Africans, who were already becoming disillusioned with the handling of the case and fearing that the police would bungle the investigation again or else sweep it under the carpet as it had allegedly done in the case of another notable musician, DJ Sumbody, who was murdered last December.

Col Robert Netshiunda, the spokesperson for the KwaZulu-Natal police, dismissed claims that arrests have been made in connection to the rapper’s assassination. There is no update yet on the rapper’s killing, according to him.

And yes, the Megacy is boiling with anger over this.

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