No Fill Up In 2020, Says Cassper Nyovest

The coronavirus pandemic upset many industries and many plans. One of them is the fill-up initiative of Family Tree boss Cassper Nyovest.

The “Any Minute Now (AMN)” rapper had thought out an ambitious plan of filling stadia yearly with music lovers for hour-long entertainment. He has successfully filed stadia for years and even planned to do the same in 2020. But the coronavirus pandemic intruded, forcing a halt to his plans.

Cassper Nyovest said it takes exactly six months to plan a fill up event and there’s not much time to do so given the sweep of, and radical changes spawned by, the coronavirus pandemic.

But the pandemic is not the only reason fill up 2020 isn’t going to hold. Cassper Nyovest also stated that he would be focusing on his boxing match with AKA, which makes him more excited, and not on the fill up. So there’s no filling a stadium this year.

By the way, Cassper Nyovest has even contemplated having two fill up events a year. Plans for those, too, will have to wait until after his match with AKA next year. The two hip hop acts are big rivals, and some music promoters think they are better off settling their rivalry in the ring.

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