No One Knows The Hour: Rapper Moozlie Mourns Death Of Her Cousin

If it were possible, many would love to live forever. But, as you well know, that’s impossible. So people contend with the spectre of transience. No one knows the hour. Death can come so unexpectedly that people are savaged with questions about life, listless, hopeless.

South African rapper Moozlie had a semblance of that experience recently when she lost a cousin. Before she lost the cousin, she had shared about the tragedy in South Africa’s music industry – the death of AKA via assassination and the death of Costa Titch (who collapsed on stage while performing in Johannesburg) – noting that her cousin was ill.

The update from her was that the said cousin lost the battle to stay alive, and now she contends with the reality that she would no longer see the cousin again. Now, she is trying to come to terms with the reality that now, at least, the cousin is at “rest.”

Moozlie is one of South Africa’s notable rappers – your “OG” with the spirit. As far as new music goes, not much has been heard of her of recent but then, she has done so much already and her legacy is somewhat secure. Too bad she lost her cousin young.

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