No Respite Yet for Alec Baldwin, “Stressed Out” Over “Rust” Shooting Charge

It can be quite exhausting having to face the spectre of manslaughter again after you thought you must have overcome that. That is the current reality of film producer and actor Alec Baldwin.

He stands accused in the shooting and injuring of director Joel Souza and killing the cinematographer Halyna Hutchins during the shooting of “Rust.” He initially denied the charge. 

A case of manslaughter was brought against him last year but was struck out in April over supposedly new evidence. End of story, right? Well, not quite. It appears the case is only just taking shape.

For instance, a jury has presided over the case and came up with the earlier verdict of (involuntary) manslaughter. It was like being dragged into the past with all its troubles – enough to leave exhausted a man who already has his hands full.

Multiple reports point to Baldwin feeling “stressed out” over the whole case, especially with seemingly no respite in sight.

Anyway, as one fan pointed out, this is not exactly the end for him yet. There is still a prospect of him extricating himself – somehow – from the it all. Whether that will happen is left to time. Stay tuned if you please

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