No-Show: “Zola 7” Facing Fraud Charges

The spectre of a fraud case is hovering over the head of celebrated kwaito musician Zola 7 after a lady claimed she paid R10k to him, but he refused to perform at a show. 

Queen Kay, a rapper, claimed to have paid R10,000. But the latter was said to have disputed that, insisting the money went to the wrong number. 

Controversy had broken out after Queen Kay shared a flier of an incident that included Zola 7 as one of the performers. Reacting to the flier, Zola 7 had told his fans that he wouldn’t be performing at the event as he’s not been booked for it. 

He made it clear that if his fans plan to go to the event in the hope of seeing him, they’re mistaken. He insists he knows nothing about the event.

She has since opened a case against the person, allegedly an impostor of the kwaito ace. 

However, she insisted she spoke to the real Zola 7. She noted that she’s even more suspicious because Zola’s wife and his manager Siki Kunene have been harassing him since she opened the case. 

She claimed that Zola’s wife is asking her to change her story because it paints her husband in a bad light. 

She insists she wouldn’t change her story as she has her reputation to protect. 

The case is being investigated but no arrests have been made.

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