Nollywood Mourns the Loss of John Okafor, Popularly Known as Mr Ibu

The Beloved Comic Actor Passes Away at 62 After a Battle with Illness

The Nigerian film industry is in mourning following the passing of one of its most cherished actors, John Okafor, widely recognized by his stage name Mr Ibu. The actor, celebrated for his comic roles and beloved by fans across Africa, died at the age of 62. Mr Ibu’s death was confirmed on March 2, 2024, following a period of illness that had seen him battling health challenges since October 2023.

Mr Ibu was renowned for bringing laughter and joy to many through his performances in Nollywood, Nigeria’s movie industry, which ranks as one of the largest film producers globally. His unique style and comedic timing made him a household name, endearing him to audiences far and wide.

In the months leading up to his passing, Okafor faced significant health issues, culminating in the amputation of his leg. Despite these challenges, he remained a figure of strength and resilience. His final days were spent at Evercare Hospital in Lekki, where he was moved to the intensive care unit due to a cardiac arrest, ultimately leading to his untimely demise.

The loss of Mr Ibu has resonated deeply within the Nollywood community and among his vast fanbase. Tributes have poured in from fellow actors, industry leaders, and fans, all expressing their sorrow and commemorating his legacy. Emeka Rollas, the president of the Actors Guild of Nigeria, and notable figures such as Mercy Johnson-Okojie and Peter of P-Square, have all shared their condolences, highlighting the impact Mr Ibu had on the industry and the void his passing leaves.

John Okafor’s contributions to Nollywood and his ability to touch lives through his art will not be forgotten. His career spanned several decades, during which he became synonymous with comedic excellence in African cinema. As the film industry and fans across the world remember Mr Ibu, they celebrate the laughter and happiness he brought into their lives, cementing his legacy as one of Nollywood’s greatest comic actors.

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