Noma Khumalo’s Album Sells for R5: Mzansi Reacts with Sympathy

The Struggles of an Idols SA Winner

In a recent development that has left fans in disbelief, the debut album of Noma Khumalo, the winner of Idols SA 2016, was spotted selling for just five rands. The news has sparked a wave of sympathy among fans and highlighted the challenges that Khumalo has faced in her music career.

Noma Khumalo, who hails from Pietermaritzburg, has had a rollercoaster journey in the music industry since her victory in the 12th season of the talent competition. Her career has seen a mix of highs and lows, including struggles with mental health. In 2019, she reportedly fell into depression, leading to public criticism of Gallo Records.

The recent discovery of her album selling for a mere R5 has caused a stir on social media. Fans expressed their disbelief and extended their sympathy towards Khumalo, speculating that she might be going through hard times. Some fans pointed out the lack of marketing and support for her post her Idols SA win.

Twitter user @Jabu_Macdonald shared the picture of the album with the caption, “Dam.” The tweet received mixed responses. While some expressed disbelief and sympathy, others pointed out the changing dynamics of the music industry with the decline in the use of CDs.

User @SizzleThobile commented, “Kahle kahle inkinga yithi la,” while @maludaofficial asked, “Be honest did you know about the album?” @AfrikanChefZA pointed out the lack of marketing and suggested that Khumalo should have been part of upcoming events after her win. @Success_012King, on the other hand, attributed the low price to the declining use of CDs and not to the quality of the music or the artist.

This incident has once again sparked debates about the contracts of Idols SA winners and the support they receive post their win. Fans are raising concerns about why most of the talented singers who have participated in the competition seem to disappear into thin air after their initial fame. The news of Khumalo’s album selling for R5 comes amidst reports of the possible cancellation of the Idols SA show.

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