Nomcebo Announces Joining Sony/ATV Family

It’s been a week of massive celebrations for one of the “Jerusalema” singers Nomcebo Zikode. The songstress celebrated her birthday and also revealed signing a big deal with Sony/ ATV music publishing.

Actually she didn’t reveal the deal at the time it was signed. She kept hush on the subject until her birthday period, and then she broke it to her fans. The songstress was formerly with Open Mic productions.

She ascribed the recent success to God, thanking Him and looking forward to more guidance from Him. Also she noted that she is looking forward to growing her brand and her songwriting skills with the global brand Sony/ATV, which is now home to her music.

By the way, the songstress also revealed that the music video of her song “Nguwe” will be out soon, she didn’t give a specific date of release, but then we’ll be out here ready to share it with you when it drops.

“Nguwe” is part of the singer’s debut album, “Xola Moya Wam,” which has an eponymous song that has already gone platinum.

In a recent post, Sony/ATV also noted that they are thrilled to be working with Nomcebo to achieve even greater things musically.

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