Nomcebo Zikode sets the record straight on false reports regarding resolution with Open Mic

Grammy Award-winning singer Nomcebo Zikode has noted with great concern the false reports circulating across mainstream media that all is well in her widely publicised dispute with Open Mic Productions. Nomcebo would like to categorically denounce these false and injurious reports and publicly set the record straight on the current status of the matter.

The truth of the matter is that a court order was obtained in late 2022 which ordered Open Mic and Nomcebo to enter into a joint venture agreement and settle the outstanding issues between the two parties.

These outstanding issues were first made public when Nomcebo announced that she had not been paid any of her due royalties from the record-breaking global hit single, “Jerusalema” or her project, “Xola Moya Wam’”. This remains the case to date.

Despite the court order that was obtained, and Open Mic’s commitment to remedying the matter, they have failed to come to the party per the stipulated timelines.

“Nomcebo is eagerly awaiting the finalisation of this matter so that she can continue with her recording plans and put out new music to further her career as a recording artist,” explains Sibo Mhlungu, CEO at IMG Africa (Management to Nomcebo Zikode).

“We are unhappy with Open Mic’s delay, as we had jointly undertaken to adhere to clearly stipulated timelines on submission of all required information, which remains outstanding, thus prolonging the matter. Should this not be resolved in the coming weeks, we are certain that we’ll be going back to court.”

No further statements will be issued on the matter.

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