Nomcebo Zikode To Take Open Mic To Court After Unlawful Grammy Nominated Single, “Bayethe” Takedown

In the latest development in Open Mic Production’s ongoing campaign to control Nomcebo Zikode, the label recently illegally took down Nomcebo, Zakes Bantwini and Wouter Kellerman’s single “Bayethe” on Spotify on the same day it was announced that it had achieved the spectacular feat of being nominated for a Grammy award.

Court documents, which are attached to this email, indicate that this takedown was the result of Open Mic, through its attorneys MM, writing to Spotify that the recording infringes on its intellectual property. But Nomcebo alleges that Open Mic holds no copyright or other intellectual property rights in the song.

As a result of this unlawful takedown, Nomcebo is set to take Open Mic to the High Court of South Africa on Wednesday afternoon. The attached court documents reveal Nomcebo’s claims that “the takedown notice and the conduct of the respondent as set out below constitute: an injurious falsehood, an unlawful and intentional interference with my and the second applicant’s contractual and/or property rights and unlawful competition”.

Nomcebo further added: “As a result of the recording being removed from Spotify, and potentially from other platforms of which I am unaware, the second applicant and I have suffered and stand to suffer further harm, the extent of which will be difficult, if not impossible, to quantify. Furthermore, I have a reasonable apprehension that the take-down request, along with other take-down requests of which I am unaware, or which the respondent may still issue, may have a bearing on the Grammy for which I have been nominated.” She has asked the court that Open Mic be ordered to advise Spotify to reinstate the song “within 24 hours of the interim relief being granted”.

It has been reported, and again stated in the court papers, that Open Mic has not paid Nomcebo any royalties for her contributions to the global hit single, “Jerusalema”. She hasn’t received a cent for “Jerusalema”, which is the top streaming African song of all-time. For some reason, Open Mic has decided to exclude Nomcebo from partaking in her rightful earnings from the song’s success. And now Nomcebo is fighting back.

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