Nomzamo Mbatha Bagged Invite to Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s Roc Nation Brunch

Nomzamo Mbatha attends the Roc Nation Brunch, alongside notable personalities.

Roc Nation hosted a pre-grammy awards brunch, and several stars from the entertainment world attended the fabulous event.

South African actress, Nomzamo Mbatha, also attended the grand event and she looked very lovely and glamorous. Nomzamo has been making waves as she has gained recognition in the United States of America.

The beautiful actress recently celebrated her one year of living in the United States. It is obvious that she is also creating space and gaining wide recognition in the international entertainment scene.

Nomzamo Mbatha has proven this as she became a guest at a prestigious event, the annual Roc Nation Brunch.

The annual Roc Nation Brunch was hosted by Jay-Z’s Roc Nation and was held a day before the Grammy Awards. The prestigious event was graced by notable personalities including Kevin Hart, Diddy, Meek Mill and other celebrities.

The focus of the event was on black excellence, which explains why Nomzamo was in attendance.

Nomzamo Mbatha was seen wearing a glamorous pink dress and lovely dark shades and this made her look breathtaking!

The talented actress has been reaching several accomplishments. Recently, she was chosen to play a leading role in Coming to America 2, the 1998 cult classic sequel of Coming to America.

Late last year, Nomzamo Mbatha was introduced by media mogul, Oprah Winfrey to give a speech during the Leadership Academy for Girls’ 2019 Valedictory ceremony at Winfrey’s school.

The star has also been hanging out with foreign personalities like Lewis Hamilton, who posted a picture of the two of them and called her ‘legendary.’

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