Nomzamo Mbatha Talks Her Acting Career & Making It Big in Hollywood

Nomzamo Mbatha is one of the few South African actresses who have made it n the international film scene, especially in Hollywood, and she is more than chuffed with how far she has come.

It was a reflective moment for her recently, as she talked about her journey, especially in Hollywood. Speaking to TimesLive ahead of the premiere of “Assassins,” the actress, who has been outstanding in her roles, including “Coming to America 2,” noted that she never wanted to be boxed as a performer.

And indeed, whether as an actor or performer in a film or series, Mozamo Mbatha usually brings out the best of herself. That in part should explain her success in Hollywood, And it is a whole different feeling to watch herself in the [remiere of “Assassins,” a flick in which she acted alongside Dominic Purcell of the “Prison Break” fame.

Well, get ready for Nomzamo Mbatha’s latest flick.

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