Nonku Williams Opens Up About Split With Alleged Scammer RD

“Real Housewives Of Durban” star Nonku Williams has finally opened up about her split with alleged scammer Rough Diamond.

Some believe the “Real Housewives Of Durban” show is what it is because of Nonku Williams. Many believe this to be true. Everyone seems to be interested in her life and her relationships. We all want to know what’s going on with her.

Everyone was stunned when the star announced that she was dating an ex-con. Her relationship with Dumisani “Rough Diamond” Ndlazi has been all anyone would discuss. The couple was rumoured to have split because Rough Diamond scammed her from a tender they purchased together.

Unfortunately, the reality star has been avoiding discussing it for a while now. Well, not until recently. Zalebs reports that RHOD reunion host Mableh had a few questions for the TV star, but she could not answer them. She stated that the reason was that it was now a court case, so she could not say anything about it in public.

“It’s a legal matter, so at this point, I cannot say anything,” she said. When Mableh kept pushing it and asking about their relationship, Nonku burst into tears and did not answer. She previously stated that the relationship had ended.

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