Nonku Williams & Rough Diamond Set To Appear On Mzansi Magic Dating Talk Show, Mzansi Expects Drama

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Having Nonku Williams and Rough Diamond on the same set promises a lot of drama, and Mzansi just might get that if the two of them should make on to a dating show on Mzansi Magic.

The two cannot be said to be dating at this point, but there is a troubled history between them. At some point, Nonku Williams dated Rough Diamond. When the public got wind of the relationship, many South Africans warned her against it.

The argument back then was that Rough Diamond was a convict and a shoddy character that Nonku should have nothing to do with. But she ignited them all. Interestingly, along the line, she had revealed some truth about him and their relationship.

She claimed that he swindled her out of all the money they made from government tender. She also threatened that she would be taking up the case and seeing that the authorities arrest him for his malfeasance and that she gets her money back.

Now imagine None and Rough Diamond sitting together for an interview on a dating show. The drama should be as good as can be imagined. Time will tell if the two would actually show up for it.