Nonku Williams Talks Her “Glow Up” Journey In Candid Video – Watch

I want to be real with you, she said as she opened up about her surgery journey. Indeed, South African entrepreneur Nonku Williams ended up being candid with her fans in the video interview she granted.

In a video shared on her official Instagram page, she admitted that she is on a “glow up” journey, which would see her focus on her figure and health. She said she is all about improving her health and looking beautiful.

One of the ways she elected to achieve that is by going under the knife. She admitted to undergoing liposuction and even mentioned the name of the health facility where she is getting the treatment. She would be working on her back, arms, tummy and thigh. You can check out her post below.

Her post elicited mixed reactions, with some peeps commending her for being straightforward about what she was doing to her body and some wanting to know about the potential health issues that may arise from a lipo.

Cosmetic surgery is pretty common these days, with celebs going under the knife to get the “perfect” figure. So Nonku Williams deciding to do the same should not surprise anyone. It remains to be seen when she will be done and what her results will be.

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