“Not Everyone Grieves The Same” – Da L.E.S On Claims AKA’s Friends Aren’t Doing Enough

Since AKA’s gruesome murder on the streets of Durban last month, it has been a storm of opinions about what happened, what could have been done to avert the tragedy, and whether or not those close to the rapper were fighting enough to get justice for him.

With the hashtag #Justice for AKA, South Africans have been fighting to ensure that the authorities get to the root of the murder and fish out those who had shot dead the “Fela in Versace” rapper on the streets of Durban. Some South Africans have been voicing their displeasure about the “silence” of AKA’s close pals as well.

To those who have been condemning some of AKA’s close friends and associates and noting that they are not doing enough to get justice for the slain rapper, Da L.E.S. clarified that people are not the same and mourn differently. They should therefore be left alone to do what they consider best in the circumstance and not be boxed into a corner. It’s a crazy world already. You can check out his post below.

&Quot;Not Everyone Grieves The Same&Quot; - Da L.e.s On Claims Aka'S Friends Aren'T Doing Enough 2

AKA’s killing was one of the biggest shocks of February. The songster was gearing to release an album but never got to release it before his assassination.

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