Not Yet Uhuru For Kwaito Star Brickz – Still In Prison

It is not yet uhuru for convicted rapist Sipho Ndlovu, long known by his adopted stage name Brickz, as he remains in prison despite attempts to get out.

The kwaito was convicted of raping his nieve years ago and was sent to the slammer for the crime. He, however, is adamant he never committed the crime for which he was convicted.

Because he was convicted for the drug despite his insistence on his innocence, many South Africans are of the view that he is guilty. Some of them even railed at him for “not showing remorse.”

While the public seemingly rails at him over the rape saga and wants him to rot in jail, Brickz has held fast to his innocence. His attempts to get out via parole and other means have not succeeded, as he reportedly does not qualify.

As we write, the musician is still in jail but somehow hopeful that he will get out one day. Brickz’s story highlights the reality that one’s life can plunged into the dust from a “simple” act of indiscretion or carelessness.

Right now, he’s seen as a disgraced musician and many would rather avoid him because of the rape conviction. Life.

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