Nota Accuses Kwesta Embezzling Rap Lyf Records Funds

The battle between Nota and Kwesta continues, with the controversial culture critic accusing Kwesta of embezzling RapLyf’s funds.

RapLyf is a record label which many believed was Kwesta but which now seems to be having ownership crisis.

In case you missed it, Kwesta recently lost control of his YouTube channel which has over 155k subscribers. Fans had wanted to know how he lost it, and he had claimed that he was denied a.ess to it. He didn’t give much details.

Nota, who was Kwesta’s former manager, had countered that Kwesta should tell the truth because some things weren’t just his.

A Twitter fan had urged Nota to give Kwesta his YouTube channel back, but Nota countered that he had given him all that belongs to him.

The same fan stated that Nota should have a sit-down with the “Dakar II” star, but Nota insisted that Kwesta knew what happened,accusing him of sabotaging the promotion of Kid X’s. He said that was one of the reasons he left as Kwesta’s manager, insisting he was transparent in his role as Kwesta’s manager.

Do you think Nota was in earnest when he accused Kwesta of embezzling RapLyf’s funds? You might want to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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