Nota Accuses Sun-El Musician Of Not Making His Own Music And Exploiting Claudio & Kenza

Controversial critic Lavida has accused El World Music boss of exploiting composers for his personal benefit and also not adequately compensating those he develop.

Nota, who is (in)famous for speaking his mind and annoying some of South African hip hop’s heavyweights, revealed this much on his Instagram page, thanking Mac G’s Podcast and Chills for exposing the “fraud.”

He claims to have had a similar bad experience with Sun-El Musician, insisting the El World Music boss was doing to young musicians what he felt was done to him (Sun-El). He accused the record label owner of exploiting other artistes (specifically Claudio and Kenza) and passing their works as his own.

He urged other record label owners to emulate the Piano King DJ Maphorisa of Blaqboy Music and adequately compensate the up and coming artistes they collaborate with. He deplored the fact that a record label owner would sign artistes and then claim the sound from the artistes signed, giving them no chance for serious growth in their career, he wrote:

SunEl stop exploiting composers…

Having been burnt by this man before I know that he’s just doing what he feels was done to him. Exploiting up and coming composers and passing their work off as his own. The cycle needs to end. I wish more artists could follow in the footsteps of DJ Maphorisa and actually empower the artists they collaborate with and fairly compensate those they develop. Claudio and Kenza deserve better. They carried ElWorld with their compositions and have nothing to show for it. Don’t sign artists to take their sound and bring it to market as your own thus killing their career in its infancy. Established artists need to stop exploiting up coming artists. S/O to @podcastwithmacg for exposing the fraud!

Nota’s claim is currently generating controversy online.  See the video below.

What do you think of Nota’s claim that is exploiting Claudio and Kenza? Share your thoughts below.

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