Nota Advices Artists “Don’t Sign A Major Deal”

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Controversial music executive has adviced artists not to sign any major deals.

Mzansi loves to hate Nota Baloyi because of his controversial opinions, but we cannot deny the fact that he comes correct sometimes. The famous music exec always gets Mzansi talking when he shares his thoughts on several issues.

While speaking on a podcast, The Hustlers Corner, Nota opened up about artists signing deals with major record labels. The famous music exec adviced them not to sign. He said, “and I am the person who’s done those numbers, and I am saying ‘do not sign with these majors.'”

“Because with all those numbers, right? For every one million Rand, right? that I make, they make five. And it hurts me every time I make a million cause they make five. You understand? Every time I make a million, I cry cause I know they made five. You understand what I’m saying. Imagine crying every time you make a million. That shouldn’t be the case, and that would be the case if you sign to these deals.