Nota Apologizes To Slikour After Disparaging Statement On Instagram

The controversies continue for music critic Lavida, and once again he has had to eat his words.

On a recent appearance on Everything South Music, had made disparaging statements against Slikour, a veteran musician and podcast host. His words led to furore online, with social media users dropping their thoughts on it.

In a sudden change of opinion, had taken to his page and apologized to Slikour. He emitted his allegations were false and his insults offensive and hurtful.

According to Nota, he apologized “unreservedly” for whatever damage his words might have caused Slikour. He has since taken down the apology post.

This isn’t the first time has made disparaging statements against a musician, nor is it the first time he’s had to apologize for his utterances. Previously, he’d had to apologize to the producer Zoocci Coke Dope for similar insults. However, Zoocci Coke Dope warned that he isn’t accepting the apology.

It remains to be seen if Slikour will accept Nota’s apology, or if he’d hit back at the controversial music critic.

By the way, recently had a big brush with notable lyricist Stogie T. Speaking about the incident, he’d claimed to have thrown Stogie T on the floor and feed him with dust, which remains disputed to this day.

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