Nota Baloyi Bashes Julius Malema And Calls Him an Unfit Leader

Controversial music exec Nota Baloyi has bashed EFF leader Julius Malema and called him an unfit leader.

Every year, we are dealt a full dose of Nita Baloyi’s shenanigans. The music executive always stirs up controversy with his opinions and isn’t afraid when everyone does not agree with his opinions.

The star has been known not to be a fan of the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters, Julius Malema. He never holds back when he shares his opinions about it. The music executive recently shared new opinions about the politician.

According to him, Malema is not a good leader nor fit to lead any political party. Baloyi said,

“Julius Malema is not fit to lead his party. If he doesn’t step down, the EFF will crumble & if he does step down, he’ll disprove the notion that the organisation is a cult. He was very irresponsible, handling a firearm & firing it into the air. He has betrayed the revolution!”

Fans commented on the list. @Patricia_Bantom wrote, “Julius Malema will never step down. Rather, the ship sinks with him as the captain. Pure narcissistic cult leader.” @C_Chamisto also responded, “Wena, you can’t even keep a wife for two years, yet you want to tell us about Julius’s leadership. Talk about your failed marriage narcissist, ndini!”

Check the tweet out.

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