Nota Baloyi Blasts President Ramaphosa For Destroying Music Festivals

NOTA Baloyi has erupted again. This time though, his fire is directed at none other than South African President Cyril Ramaphosa.

In a recent post on his official X account, the controversial music executive blamed the president for the death of music festivals across South Africa, with the music industry now being run by liquor companies.

The result is that, according to him, the youths are now drinking their lives away. Now they wait until it is nightfall to hit the bars and start their drinking rounds.

NOTA’s verdict had support from a section of social media, with some of his fans pointing out that he has spoken about what they have always wanted to share all along. You can check out the post below.

NOTA has already achieved notoriety for speaking his mind whether his opinions make sense to other people or not, and whether they are disagreeable or not. As a result, in the course of his life, he has antagonised many people across industries.

From his latest post, it doesn’t appear like he would stop anytime soon. Whether Ramaphosa will see his post and act on the same is unclear. But time will tell in the coming days.

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