NOTA Baloyi Buries Winnie Mashaba & Other Female Celebs In Sugar Daddy Shade

Controversial media executive NOTA Baloyi has given South Africans a lot to chew again, splitting the Rainbow Nation into those supporting his views and those asking him to sit down and shut up.

In a recent tweet, the controversial figure had noted that South African female celebrities are all broke but relying on wealthy sugar daddies to fund their lavish lifestyles. He especially singled out the gospel singer Winnie Mashaba.

According to NOTA, Winnie Mashaba cannot even afford a Ben 10 in real life. He then went full blast, roping in other female celebrities and how most of them do not even have rich fathers. You can check out the tweet below.

Some South Africans supported NOTA and praised him for sharing the reality they have observed all along. Some thought he was out of his mind roping all female celebrities in his rant. But then, anyone who knows NOTA also knows that his recent take is not at all surprising.

He’s already infamous for speaking out and loud on every subject he feels strongly about. And he has riled many across South Africa with his takes, from the late AKA to Cassper Nyovest to the music producer Zoocci Coke Dope. Malume is at it again, lol.

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