Nota Baloyi Describes Ambitiouz Entertainment As The Best Record Label In Mzansi

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The controversies continue for Nota Baloyi with the recent statement by him that Ambitiouz Entertainment is the best record label in South Africa.

Nota is noted for always speaking his mind, especially on matters music and culture. His opinions are controversial for the most part, leading to leading to clashes with some industry notables. But this has not stopped nota from speaking his mind.

Nota made known his thoughts on Ambitiouz Entertainment in a recent appearance on The Sobering Podcast. He had appeared on the podcast previously but only hyped Ambitiouz in the sequel.

The basis of Nota’s verdict on the record label is the way he thinks the record label  treats its artistes and fund them. He described the record label as the very best in South African music history. You can check out the video interview below.

While Nota is hyping Ambitiouz, some of his fans are busy laughing at his verdict. Ambitiouz is one of the most controversial record labels in South Africa. Most of its artistes left in a wave of acrimony

Do you agree with Nota that Ambitiuz Entertainment is the best record label in South Africa? Why or why not? You may want to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.