Nota Baloyi On Current Relationship With Kwesta

For fans who have been curious about Nota’s relationship with Kwesta whom he once managed, the controversial music critic has given details finally.

In a recent appearance on The Rea & Blavck Steph podcast, Nota had spoken on several subjects, including his relationship with the RapLyf boss Kwesta.

Sticking to his controversial persona, Nota stated that he and Kwesta had an agreement and saw to it. But the fact that they had an agreement does make them family or bind them together inexorably.

Their agreement was for a period and it worked for that time. Now, they’re both facing their fronts.

By the way, a year ago, in 2020, Nota had been dragged on twitter for his controversial views. Peeps who knew him as Kwesta’s manager at the time urged Kwesta to rein him in. Kwesta clarified there and then that nota was no longer his manager.

He may no longer be Kwesta’s manager, but Nota is still his old controversial self, provoking many leaders in the industry. Just recently, he had provoked Black Coffee, who had thereafter sent cops after him (Nota). Unimpressed by Black Coffee’s reaction, Nota had sought a restraining order agaisnt the cops and the celebrated DJ as well.

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