Nota Baloyi On Tyla’s “Water” Hitting 500 Million Views

He is known for having an opinion on everything and anything. SO South African music executive Nota Baloyi having something to say about buzzing singer Tyla’s “Water” song is in no way surprising.

“Water” is Tyla’s biggest song to date – the very number that earned her a Grammy nomination and ultimate win. Given this reality, the interest in the song has been pretty strong.

It was inevitable that people would want to know what made the song so special and earned it a nod from the Recording Academy.

In a post on his official X account, NOTAS acknowledged the significance of Tla’s “Water” son making it to half a billion streams on Spotify. Now that’s the dream of almost every lady out there – a shatteringly resonant success. We wanted her encouraged in her part of success.

Interstingly, Tyla’s streaming numbers have been a subject of sporadic controversy, with some p[people claiming that her numbers were bought to give her great significance. Some even accused her of being part of the “Illuminati.”

Well, amid the criticisms, Tyla has been mostly focused on her music, with her debut album having received a splendid welcome from fans, leading her to thank them publicly.

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