Nota Baloyi Sentenced To 60 Days In Jail For Contempt Of Court After Claiming K.O Was Involved In AKA’s Death

Nota Baloyi has been sentenced to 60 days in jail after being found guilty of contempt for claiming K.O and his family were responsible for AKA’s murder.

Social media is buzzing about K.O’s response to Nota Baloyi’s disrespect. The controversial music exec accused him and his brother Siya of being involved in AKA’s death. After being warned to stop, Nota continued, but he had no idea what was coming.

Sunday Word reports that the former rapper has been found guilty of contempt by a High Court in Joburg. His sentence reads, “The Sheriff of the court and the South African Police Service are directed to take the respondent into custody and to deliver the respondent to the Leeuwkop Prison or any other prison within Gauteng for a period of sixty days”

Nota had written, “I told you who my first five suspects are, in fact, my first six suspects. My other suspect is K.O because K.O has not answered for why his brother watched AKA die.”

“Siya said K.O’s brother, blood brother, Mdluli K.O, sent his brother to set AKA up. You understand. Don’t let the families of K.O, Siya, and everything get away with this.” Copies of his tweets were attached to the papers of his sentence.

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