NOTA Baloyi’s Words Against Black Coffee Provokes Outrage Online

The controversies never end for music executive NOTA Baloyi, and he appears to relish them all. In fact, he thrives in the controversies he is able to generate.

The music executive found himself in the waters of controversy once again after an old clip of him disparaging celebrated international disc jockey and fellow South African Black Coffee surfaced online. In the clip, he averred that Black Coffee is famous because he plays with one hand.

He also noted that Black Coffee is a bad example and not a great role model, insisting the “Drive” singer feels he is untouchable because of his disability. Those words and more infuriated many social media users, who felt that he was disrespectful to the Grammy-winning musician.

As a result, most of them lashed out at NOTA for his words, with some mocking him and letting him know that despite Black Coffee’s disability, he has achieved much more than what NOTA can hope to achieve in his lifetime. You can check out the clip below.

NOTA himself had not replied to most of his critics at the time of writing. His take really wouldn’t surprise anyone who knows him. Many South Africans would tell you for free that he lives for controversy.

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