Nota Calls “Soft Boy” Stogie T A Trust-fund Baby

Nota labels Stogie T “Soft Boy” a “trust-fund baby”.

We all can’t deny there’s a lot of drama in SA Hip Hop and there are usually a list of people who start that drama. One of them is the very opinionated Nota who is known to always speak his mind about anything no matter what anyone thinks.

This time, he’s got someone in his radar, someone he says is a “Soft Boy”. That’s SA Hip Hop star, Stogie T. In a recent tweet shared by Nota, he reveals that the “T” in Stogie’s name stands for “Trust-fund” because he’s a trust-fund baby. He also goes on to reveal that Stogie’s name is Boity which also makes him a “Soft Boy”.

We dont know if the “Son Of A Soldier” rapper has heard these subs because he is yet to respond. We wonder if he would want to respond to them.

Nota Calls &Quot;Soft Boy&Quot; Stogie T A Trust-Fund Baby 2

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