Nota Claims Drip & Bathu Are Not Contributing To Local Economy

Media star and businessman, Nota Baloyi claims in recent tweets that companies, and Bathu are not contributing to the local economy.

If there is anyone who does not care what people would say when they share their unfiltered opinion, it is Nota Baloyi. The Mzansi star is known for his bluntness and he always says things as he feels.

Baloyi recently shared a couple of tweets unveiling his thoughts about how much Amapiano has been helping the economy, and how companies like and Bathu have not done anything for it. He revealed that “the system is against us” and called out the people who are benefiting from it.

He also revealed that boys and girls who pack boxes at and Bathu make next to nothing, proving his claims that the companies contribute nothing to the local economy. Tweeps seem to approve of his tweets because Nota claims he gained over 1000 new followers instantly.

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