Nota Drags Sol Phenduka For Taking Kaya Fm Job

Nota Baloyi slams “Podcast And Chill” co-host Sol Phenduka for taking a new hosting job at Kaya FM.

When Nota Baloyi starts tweeting, know there is something up. He never stops until he has shared his entire opinion. This time, he is dragging “Podcast And Chill” co-host Sol Phenduka who he claims is a sell-out and a backstabber.

Earlier today, announced that the station welcomed new hosts Dineo Ranaka and Sol Phenduka to kick off a new show on July 1st. Since the announcement was made, “congratulations Sol” has dominated the trends on Twitter. Well, Nota Baloyi is not having.

He has since taken to his page to slam to new star for being a “sell-out.” According to him, he advised not to trust Sol but the podcast host did not listen. He revealed that Phenduka stabbed MacG in the back for a mere salary after using him to revive his career.

He tweeted, “they’ll call you family and stab you in the back for minimum payment.” He urged to fire Sol now “to save himself and all the chillers the trouble”. He also claimed that Sol paid to sponsor the trend “Congratulations Sol” on Twitter. Check out the tweets below.

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