Nota Fires Shot At Slikour Over Interview “Slips” With Nasty C

Controversial culture critic Baloyi was unimpressed by ’s handling of his interview with , and has lashed out at him ().

Slikour recently had a sit-down with to discuss the latter’s recently released “ Man With Some Power” album.

thinks Slikour did not handle the interview professionally. He accused the interviewer of explaining his questions instead of leaving them for his guests to answer. He ultimately accused Slikour of being as ass-licker who would do anything to sustain his cheques.

By the way, Nota had previously clashed with Nasty C over the album which was the subject of discussion with Slikour. Nota was of the opinion Nasty C ought to have rapped in his “ Man With Some Power” album. He ultimately dismissed the Coolest Kid in .

Nota is noted for speaking his mind. So it is nt surprising he should fire a shot in Slikour’s direction. In his candour about the culture and South African hip hop generally, Nota has riled any artistes, including and .

You can check out Nota’s latest  controversial sally below.

What do you think of Nota’s position about the interview. You may share your thoughts in the comments below.

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