NOTA Fires Shots At Sol Phenduka

Known for being unapologetically acidic when responding to his critics, Lavida NOTA was on fire again, responding to media personality Sol Phenduka.

Sol Phenduka was part of MacG’s crew on Podcast and Chill. When he decided to take on a radio gig with Kaya FM, many fans of the podcast were disappointed and slammed him for his decision. Among those who kicked him over that was NOTA.

The controversial music critic had described Sol Phendukas as a sellout. Sol was quiet about that for a while. However, during an interview appearance on the Nkulukeko n Culture Podcast, he had fired several shots at NOTA.

First, he claimed to know a lot about NOTA’s personal life but that he wouldn’t share it and wouldn’t insult him based on the private information he has. He, however, still made it clear that he doesn’t rate NOTA at all.

That part apparently riled, and he fired off as usual on Twitter, describing all Sol Phenduka said during the interview as nothing more than an affirmation of his (NOTA’s) physical and intellectual superiority. He also referenced Sol Phenduka being abused at work (by) and being jealous of MacG as his boss. You can check out the tweet below.

Nota Fires Shots At Sol Phenduka 2

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