Nota Reacts To Nelli Tembe’s Death: “I Think She Was On Something And Had A Bad Trip”

Nota Baloyi shares his thoughts on Nelli Tembe’s death and says.”I think she was on something and had a bad trip”.

We doubt that anyone has come to terms with Nelli Tembe’s unexpected passing. Anele “Nelli” Tembe (22) reportedly fell to her death while in Cape Town. There have been rumours around the cause of her death.

Some believe that she jumped to her death, claiming that she must have been suicidal. However, her father has refuted these claims saying that no one in his household or hers “would ever relate her with suicide“.

Reacting to Anele’ death while speaking on “Podcast And Chill With MacG”, Nota revealed he believes she was on something. He is quoted saying “I think she had a bad trip, I think she was on something and she had just had a bad trip and she fell or something”. Anele was laid to rest on Friday, April 16th, 2021.

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