NOTA Slams Rashid Kay For Not Calling Out Big Zulu Following Mali Eningi Non-Payment

Music executive, NOTA has slammed Rashid Kay for not calling out Big Zulu following the “Mali Eningi” non-payment drama.

Fans did not expect what’s currently happening with Intaba Yase Dubai. In everyone’s mind, he was featured on a huge song, and he gained so much from it. Sadly, that was not the case.

Intaba Yase Dubai shocked everyone when he shared that he did not get a cent from the song. Recall that “Mali Eningi” amassed millions of streams after release. While Zulu’s label has shared a statement to prove that he paid Ambitiouz Entertainment royalties from the song, AE claims to have also paid Intaba. A claim the now-retired artist calls false.

Following a recent tweet by Rashid Kay about the drama, NOTA has labeled him a “fraud”. He slammed him for not calling Big Zulu out in the drama. Rashid Kay has only faulted Big Zulu for not including Intaba Yase Dubai on the split sheet for royalties.

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